From part 2 of B- New held on Saturday, April 16th- Yesterday, during our health talk, someone asked if I cooked two separate meals for those in the family that ate “right” and for those that weren’t quite as concerned with their eating habits.  It was interesting  to hear the opinions on that subject.  Some said that they did cook two separate meals, some said that they did not.

I am not going to debate the right or wrong of that question.  Folks have to make their own decision concerning that topic. But the bottom line is that if you want to get healthy, lose weight, or start exercising,  it really is up to you. Making those needed changes will not always be convenient and often circumstances can feel like they are “against” us. (“My kids have cookies in the pantry, that fried chicken just looks too good,  I’m too tired to exercise tonight”).

Some people have great self control and can overcome these temptations.  Some of us find it harder to resist. But, most all of us need some kind of accountability when we are trying to make big changes. Find a friend that you can call or text when you need support.  Run with other like minded people. Share healthy recipes!

Not everyone will support you but just don’t look back in 5 years and say, “I wish I would have done this or that but it was just too hard.” We are responsible for our own health and the fact that others around us don’t hold to that same notion does not excuse us. So get out there and get healthy! You can do it!


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