Embrace the Daily Grind

I love college football!  I’m a southerner, and a UT and Crimson Tide fan.  (I know those last two things don’t go together but that’s another story). I watch the SEC Channel and listen to all the sports stations on Sirius XM radio.  I just can’t help myself!  Therefore, I am never caught unaware as to who’s the top running back, who’s the #1 team in Week #3 of the season, or what coach said what.

As I listened to the coaches and players talk, especially during the “practice” portion of this past season, I heard several different themes develop.   But every team seemed to be focusing on some version of the phrase, “Embrace the Daily Grind”. This idea strikes me as a mantra that can be applied to any area of our lives whether sports, studying, eating or learning a new skill. The Daily Grind gets me to where I say I want to be:  “I’d like to lose weight”, so there will be days of denying my “wanter”. “I want to lift 100 lbs”. There will be many days of lifting 25, 50, and then 75 lbs. “I want to score a 1700 on my SAT”.   You can be sure that every night I won’t be able to stay up until midnight texting my friends.

Some days are hard and some days are just tedious tasks performed over and over again. But, if I “Embrace the Daily Grind”, I will eventually see my goal getting closer and closer.  I realize that it won’t always be comfortable and it won’t always be what I really want to do.  But, it is required! No magic formulas and no quick fixes.  (Unless you win a big Powerball lottery.)

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