Setting Goals Without Guilt

From our B-New talk on 3/22/16- Making changes, setting goals, starting something new…  How do I do that?  How do I make changes permanent, or at least have them last longer than a month or so? I have found that I have to spend time thinking about my goals.  Are they something that I really want?  Am I willing to take the steps that need to be taken in order to get to where I say I want to be?  That’s the best working definition of discipline that I know.

If my goals are not realistic, if they are not attainable, or if I really am not inspired to do the work that is needed, then  my resolve will quickly fade.    I might say I want to run a half marathon, but I need to know what it REALLY takes in order to accomplish that.   If I don’t have time to train, don’t have the will to eat correctly, or just don’t really like to run, then I need to admit that to myself and move on to something else.

Nobody wants to feel guilty all the time about not meeting their goals!  Sometimes we can prevent that by just simply being honest with ourselves and admitting what we are willing to do. A lot of times, once we get started on that road to change, we find that we are willing to do even more than we dreamed we would or could do!


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