I’ve fallen off the “Healthy Wagon”!   I tore the meniscus in my right knee back in early June.  (even though I didn’t know it was torn.)  In fact I stayed in denial about it for several months.  It hurt when I made any type of twisting motion with my knee, typical of a torn meniscus, and I couldn’t do any kind of lower body exercise.  But, hey, maybe it’s just a sprain?  Well, it never got better so I had it “fixed” a month and 1/2 ago.

Do you know that when you have had surgery on an appendage you can’t make it work no matter how much you “will” it to do what you want it to do?   Realizing that is very humbling to someone like me that puts a lot of emphasis on personal power, strength and performance.   So, let’s just say that little exercise, lack of motivation and drowning my sorrows in potato chips has taken their toll!

Last week I realized that I had to do something.  We started working on the Daniel Plan study through the office.  It’s a great program that incorporates the principals of Focus, Fitness, Faith, Food and Friends.   Hurray, it’s been a great boost for me!

Also, because I do best with a specific plan rather than just “winging it” I have decided to start the Standard Process 21-Day Purification Program.   Standard Process is a well respected whole food supplement company dating back to 1929.   Dr. Bruce stocks these products and he is great to talk to if you have questions about supplements, minerals or you have allergies or gut issues.  Standard Process products address these issues and many more.

Sometimes you just need to hit the “reset button”.  You need to change your attitude, your relationship with food and your exercise routine.  This detox program is going to help me reset my food button.  It is a fairly easy to follow.  The first 10 days you eat mostly fruits and vegetables with several protein shakes and cleansing and fiber type supplements.  The last 11 days you add in animal protein like chicken and fish.   In the pursuit of transparency,  I have done several detox type “diets” in the last two or three years so I know what it means to have no added sugars, dairy, grain, etc.  (This “cold turkey” aspect of a purification program is great for sugar “addicts”.)  But, I have never done one that doesn’t let you have coffee!!!  We will see how that goes.  I am trying to slowly wean myself off before I start my Detox next Monday.   No caffeine is very scarey to me!!!

Well, wish me luck and I’ll keep you posted.   You might decide you want to join me!

(I am not being paid or compensated for this blog by Standard Process.  After my own research I decided to participate in the Purification Program)





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