That’s a great name for what your body is doing when you chose to do a detox, cleanse, partial fast or any type of food restriction program.  It is allowing your body to get rid of toxins and impurities that inevitably build up in your system from eating processed foods, sugars, glutens etc.  The end result should be less aches and pains, new mental focus, less cravings, clearer skin and all sorts of positive results.

Unfortunately the first several days of not eating some of our favorite foods can be rough.  If we have been a “Sweetaholic”, stopping all sugar and sweetners can seem like coming off heroine.  (that may be a tad bit exaggerated)   But when we have been accustomed to eating anything we want, our bodies are going to rebel when we begin to restrict our food intake.   This can show itself in the form of headaches, short tempers, gas or general fatigue.  These symptoms will go away as your body becomes “cleaner.”

I am on day three of the Standard Process 21-Day Purification Program.  So far so good, except for the no coffee.   As I said in my first post,  I have never done a detox that didn’t allow coffee so I have never tried to “get off” caffeine.  Well, I am still trying!  My first day I had a whopper of a headache.  Around 2:00 in the afternoon I made myself a cup of coffee and I drank it very slowly until the headache subsided.  It took about 1/2 cup.  On day two I made it until noon before my headache started so I had about 3/4 cup before it stopped.  This morning I started off with a cup but had part regular and part decaf.  So… we shall see how long into this detox it takes me to completely stop the coffee.  Hopefully only a few more days.  (Note to self – wean yourself off caffeine BEFORE you start your cleanse)

One other thing, I am a protein junky because in my life before my knee injury I was a Cross Fitter.  When you are doing a lot of strength training and especially when you add in the fact that you are older and a woman, you have to eat protein in order to build and maintain muscle. Therefore,  I am accustomed to eating a gram of protein per pound of my body weight.  This particular detox limits the amount and type of protein you eat during your first 10 days.  When you limit protein and stop eating simple carbs there is usually a certain amount of fatigue that sets in that first week or so.  This is normal.

So, on I go!






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