It’s Been A Week

… on the Standard Process 21-Day Purification Program and I am still not off caffeine.  But, I’m closer than I was.

Weaning off coffee has been hard!  I really miss my regular caffeinated morning fix!  These past several days I started adding decaf to my brew and making it weaker.  It has kept the headaches at bay but it doesn’t taste as good as the “real thing”.  So it seems to be getting easier to let this “mixture” go.  This morning I was down to 1/4 regular and 3/4 decaf.  I only had one cup.  Hurray!

One of the best results of this detox has been the fact that I have had very little gut discomfort.   I have “dairy issues” but will sometimes still use half and half or eat cheese.  Because I am not eating any diary my stomach has been feeling great.  If  you have gut issues a detox is a great way to find out what your problem is.  (You may have a food sensitivity and have no idea.)   When you finish the diet you begin to reintroduce foods groups one at a time.  If problems arise after you eat that food then you will know what’s causing the sensitivity.

I do want something sweet sometimes, especially at night.  Normally I would eat salted cashews or pistachios.  That’s the way I trick my taste buds.  I don’t know why it works for me but it does.  But, on this detox you can’t eat nuts.  So, I have switched to pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.  Doesn’t do the trick as well.

Here’s the bottom line.  When you are cleaning up your diet you will get hungry for certain foods.   In order to succeed you have to tell yourself NO.  Hopefully you will think the benefits are worth it!




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