I’m Almost Finished

…and I feel good!  Tomorrow is the 21st day; the last day of my Standard Process 21-Day Purification Program.

I got off coffee.  It took days and days but I finally kicked it and stopped having the headaches.  But you know what?  Come Monday I’m going to have a whole pot!!   I just don’t see myself giving up coffee permanently.

Now that I’m down to the wire, I can say there have been numerous positive results.   A lot of the motivation that had disappeared with my knee injury has returned.  Cleaning up my diet has made me feel better internally and that seems to have translated to my willingness to be more active.  Of course as my knee has healed and gotten stronger it has been easier to walk and to jog a little.  (A “little” jogging is the appropriate word)  But undoubtedly our eating habits help dictate our ability to perform.

Lack of dairy is a big key to my feeling better.  If you are unsure if its a particular food that is causing gut discomfort then I don’t know of better way to find out than to try a detox diet.  You will be able to discover what your problem is during the reintroduction period.  Finally finding out what is causing your issues will be a huge relief.

Completely cutting out processed sugars for a period of time always seems to short circuit my cravings.  Now, I can’t lie and say I never want white sugar because my friends know that is not true!!  But, I am one of those people that can OD on candy and cake very quickly so its just better for me to stay away as much as possible.  A detox is a good way to start getting off the sugar train!

This diet allows you to eat unlimited vegetables and 1/2 as many fruits.  I’ve been eating more varieties of both.  When you increase your vegetable and fruit intake you can’t help but feel better.

Concerning weight loss and detox programs; they seem to work for a lot of different sized folks.  If you follow the “rules” of the program and you are overweight then you will lose pounds.  But conversely it seems if you are only wanting to “get clean” and you don’t overdo your exercise, as prescribed, then a person that doesn’t need to lose weight won’t lose too much.  I have found this to be true on several different detox programs.  I assume that our bodies are really trying to get to and stay at our optimal weight.  Our bodies do want to be well and fit.

Here’s the bottom line.  This Standard Process detox is a great starting point if you are wanting to “change your ways”.  Sometimes we have to take drastic measures and Anybody can do Anything they set their minds to do for 21 days.

Here’s to good health!!


(Again, I am not paid by Standard Process.  Participating in this program was my personal decision)


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