MERRY CHRISTMAS from Bruce Chiropractic Wellness Center!

I can’t believe that it’s just four short days until Christmas! Where did the last month, quarter, and year go?

Christmas means so much to our family this year. This time last year, we were a sitting in a waiting room at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in May of 2015, my niece was finally having the surgery to remove it. She had fought very hard through chemo and was ready to tackle the next step in her recovery. She had an amazing team of doctors who worked on her. Her plastic surgeon was my favorite. He was so humble and very comforting to the family. When he came out of the surgery to update us, we thanked him for all he did, he expressed how it was his pleasure to use the gift he had been given…..the gift of healing hands. That statement was so true. Amber’s recovery was seamless and she was in very little pain, mostly just sore from the removal of the lymph nodes under her arm.

My family gathered at our home a few weeks ago. Amber was here and in a much different frame of mind. She conquered radiation after her surgery and has been healing ever since. She will be on a hormone blocker for the next ten years, but all in all she is feeling well. Her hair has grown so much and is very curly. She had very curly hair when she was little, matter of fact we called her Shirley Temple for years. She now sports the cutest glasses (her vision has been blurry since chemo). As we sat around sharing some of our favorite stories, Amber spoke up and said one of her favorites was the time she spent going through her treatment and surgery last year. We all looked a little dismayed, but she clarified herself by sharing how she enjoyed the time she got to spend with all of us and how thankful she was to have us by her side.While we didn’t exchange gifts between us, we knew the greatest gift was right before us….love!

This past weekend we were blessed with a beautiful song as the church service closed. The song was “Come and see what God has done”. You can watch here. A gift was given over 2000 years ago, his name is Jesus. He is the ultimate Healer of body, mind, and soul. His gift is available to all. May the joy that only He can give, fill your heart this season. And may you experience His continued love throughout the New Year.

With love,

Mary Bruce

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