“I Want To Make Some Changes”

Practicing Yoga is a great place to start making changes!  It gets us up and moving, it causes us to stretch some neglected muscles and it requires that we begin thinking about how we breathe.   No one can argue about those benefits!

Yet as I’ve read the sign-up sheets and talked to ladies in our classes the subject of weight loss comes up.  How can I lose some weight and how can I keep it off?  (Isn’t this always a topic of conversation for women?)

These two questions have the same answer.  You have to burn up more calories than you take in.  Sounds easy?!  We know it’s not.  – If you aren’t active then you have to decide to move more.  If sugar is your weakness then you have to decide how not to love it so much.  If you don’t eat enough protein and good fats then you have to start eating them.  If you don’t like “green stuff” then you have to develop a taste for it.  Those things can be daunting to some people!

Start slowly!  Don’t think you can change everything overnight!  Pick one area and work on that.   (Small changes will make a big difference, just not overnight!)

If you want to start eating “better” our blog contains some great healthy recipes.   They are tasty and uncomplicated!  We have some informative articles on protein, collagen and several different exercise plans.  I even posted several blogs about my trip through the Standard Process detox program.  (If you think you might be a good candidate for a detox plan then Dr. Bruce can advise you concerning the benefits of the great Standard Process products.)

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We all know that we can’t take our health lightly.  This is the only body we have and it’s always going to be with us!!

To good health!  Body, soul and spirit!









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