Getting Ready!

Anytime we want to change things up, we have to get “our minds right”.  To me this is the most important step!  We have to decide what we want to change, what steps we’re going to take in order to make those changes and what we’re going to do when the “going gets tuff”.

A PLAN is especially important when we want to make changes in our eating habits.  The majority of us love to eat.   Because I’m a Southerner I can attest to the importance of food and tradition and to the “hold” that it often has on us.  A meal is not just a meal, it’s a way we share our day with others whether its cooking together or “fellowshipping” together.  Food is a big part of our lives.  If we are going to make some drastic changes in the way we eat and in the way we view the importance of food then we are going to have to alter our relationship with it.

As I have said in previous posts we have to decide that certain foods are not as important to us as we now think they are.  That may be sugar, flour, dairy, potato chips or whatever holds us hostage.  If we want to be healthier then we need to focus less on certain foods and more on movement and exercise.

If you have never gone through a detox then you can expect to feel deprived.  To most of us giving up certain foods can cause us to feel anxious.   But if you think of 14, 21 or 30 days in comparison to the whole year of 2018, then that time period doesn’t seem so long.  Most of us can do anything for a month.  If you will hang in there for the first week or so, you will begin to feel so much better that you will want to continue to eat “cleaner” after the detox period is over.

Also when you participate in a detox, you are not saying that you will never eat another cupcake or piece of bread ever again.  You are saying that you are willing to get your diet under control in order that you are not always craving things that could be keeping your body from being in its healthiest state.

Sometimes just a few changes will allow you to get off medication, to help lessen any joint or gut pain you may have and to have a newer brighter mental focus.

A cleanse/detox is not easy but it can be a new start for 2018!







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