Detox Choices

There are numerous established detox/cleanse plans to choose from.  For the upcoming group detox (starting January 2018), we suggest that you decide between The Standard Process 21-Day Purification Program or The Whole30.  Both of these programs are doable and are proven to work.

If you have never participated in a cleanse and are concerned about “going all in,” you can still join us.  Just decide what you are willing to “give up” and “add in,” then focus on that.  No one can really detox without giving up processed sugar, so that must be one of your eliminations.  We also suggest nixing grains and dairy.  If you have gut issues or suspect that you have food allergies then you need to give these up and see if they may be your problem.

Nothing else needs to be said about sugar being bad for you.  We all know that needs to be eliminated.  Grains and gluten often lead to “leaky gut”, joint pain, fuzzy thinking and increased autoimmune disease symptoms.   Dairy can lead to sinus issues, diarrhea, gas etc.  Now is a good time to let go of these foods and see how you feel.

The Whole30 plan focuses on Whole Foods for 30 days.  It consists of NO diary, grains,  sugars (real or artificial), legumes, baked goods, processed foods or alcohol. For more information on this plan, click here.

The Standard Process Program eliminates caffeine, processed sugars, artificial sweeteners, grains (except what is considered pseudo-grains), nuts, dairy and processed foods.  Also, no meat is eaten the first 10 days.  Protein shakes and several supplements that aid in cleansing and add increased fiber are also part of the program. This 21 Day Standard Process Detox can be purchased in our office. For more information on this plan, click here.

If you chose Whole 30 or plan to just eliminate certain foods, then we recommend that you consider using some of the supplements in the SP program (cleanse capsules, fiber capsules, and/or green food capsules).  These allow your system to better cleanse itself of toxins.

Prior to making your detox decision, be sure to do your research by visiting the websites listed above. These are great websites that will give you all the details.

If you are interested in participating in the group detox (starting January 2018), plan to attend our question and answer meeting on Tuesday, January 2 @ 6:30.  We’ll meet upstairs in the Yoga Attic (directly above Bruce Chiropractic).  Come join us!



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