Detox Helps and Hints

It is best to get all the “nos” out of your pantry.  (If it is not on the shelf then you can’t eat it.)  If you can’t purge the cupboard because the other folks in your house are not participating in your detox and they’ll cause a big stink when the candy is missing, then you will have to figure something else out.  Bag up all the snacks and put them out of sight or ask all those other folks to move out for the next 3 or 4 weeks.  (little levity just to get us started)

You will feel great the first day but not so good the third day.  If you have been depending on sugar to give you a pick-me-up during the day then you are going to feel fatigued.

Most of us do not like to deprive ourselves, especially when it comes to food!  Prepare to feel agitated at times for the first week or so.

If you are eliminating caffeine you will have headaches.  Prepare yourself by weaning off gradually.  Start by slowly decreasing the amount you drink.  Begin to add decaf into your regular grind.  Go all decaf until you are completely off.  However you detox, it will be much easier if you give yourself several weeks to “get clean” before you actually start your cleanse.

Prepare to be hungry!  Have healthy “snacks” available when you have to grab something quick.  Carrots, celery, boiled egg, 1/2 of an avocado, coconut oil etc.  Something that will get you over the hump until lunch or dinner is fixed.

Drink plenty of water!  It will help to give you a sense of fullness.  Water also helps to facilitate the “cleanse” part of the detox.

Drink herbal teas.  Most do not have caffeine (read the label) and they’re a good change when you want something other than water.

Read your ingredient labels!!!  Sugars and preservatives lirk in the most unsuspecting places.  Your best bet is to just stay away from as much packaged food as possible.  Make your own salad dressing, mayo and seasoning mixes.

Keep a log of what you are eating.  Write down when you are taking your supplements.  Mark off the number of glasses of water you are drinking.  You will be surprised at the end of the day how easy it is to forget those details.

Hang in there!  These first couple of weeks shall pass and you will begin to feel much better.  You will have better looking skin, clearer thinking, less bulge around the belt and a new sense of “I’m in charge of what goes in my body!”

Here’s to a great detox!!


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