Cucumber Mint Shake/Smoothie

I love drinking protein shakes!  They are quick and easy to make, they fill you up, they give you energy during your workouts and they replenish your muscles AFTER your work outs.

We posted a Pumpkin Pie Smoothie recipe earlier in the month and Mary talked about her nieces journey of breast cancer treatment.  I’m sure the inability to eat during that time is an experience that is common to many patients.  A protein shake can really help during those times.

I have included in the photo above two of my favorite protein powders.  Orgain, Organic Protein in sweet vanilla bean and Sunwarrior natural.  (no added flavor)  Both of these are plant based protein powders because I don’t tolerate dairy very well.  Neither contain soy or any added refined sugars.  There are many good powders “out there”, these are just two that taste good to me and don’t contain “junk”.

If you are a patient of Dr. Bruce’s or if you follow this blog you know that the office “carries” the Standard Process line of supplements and minerals.  (I recently completed and wrote about their 21 Day Purification Program.)  They have a great cookbook, “The Standard Process 21-Day Purification Program Cookbook”.  In has one whole section of shake recipes.  This recipe is an adaptation of one of those.

1 1/2 cups cucumber, diced

1/4 cup (packed) fresh mint, chopped

1 cup (packed) spinach

1 Tab. fresh lemon juice

1 1/2 cups liquid  (almond or coconut milk, coconut water, water)

1/2 avocado (adds a great “fat” and a nice creamy thick texture)

2 or 3 drops liquid peppermint stevia (optional)  I have just discovered these flavored stevias.  Sweet Leaf is a good brand.  LOVE THEM!

ice cubes

protein powder  (amt. depends on the brand of powder you are using.  look at the serving size on the canister)

Throw it all in your blender and blend it up!  I love the bright green color and the refreshing minty taste!

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