Changes ….

New Years motivated changes (resolutions) are just a part of what most of us consider during the month of January. Unfortunately, we know from statistics and personal experience that hard changes often lose their luster after a few weeks!

So often, we make a quick decision, “Dang it, I’m finally going to give up sugar this year!” or “I’m going to start exercising two hours a day. No really, I mean it this time.” or “I’m going to start memorizing a Bible verse a day!!”

It’s not that we don’t have good intentions or the desire to make the change. It’s often that we just don’t adequately consider what it will take to make that happen.

If you give up sugar do you mean just processed sugar? Will you still eat honey and maple syrup? What will you eat in it’s place? Will you go cold turkey or wean yourself off? What will you do when a bowl of ice cream starts calling your name at midnight?

If you start a new exercise program, where do you fit that into your day? Will you join a gym? What will you do when you’re sore and your legs are spent? Should you buy a treadmill? You don’t even like exercising, how do you change your mind about that?

As far as memorizing scripture, most of us see the benefits of that but what if you’re just not a good memorizer? (I have a hard time memorizing my zip code much less a new verse a day.)

I sure am not saying that we shouldn’t make changes and “improve” ourselves!! It’s just important to “weigh the cost” before we make those resolutions. We want our changes to be liberating and not frustrating because we can’t keep them!

Choose an area of change that you are passionate about, think through the possible obstacles/setbacks and get yourself a “buddy” that will help you when those resolutions become difficult to keep.

We are all moving in some direction. It might as well be forward!!

Here’s to KEPT resolutions!


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